#bringbackourgirls: An Appeal by nigerian poet Ekene Atusiubah

  • African Poet, born in Nigeria 1975, he started pioneering a new genre of Poetry called "New Earth Classics" since the year 2000.
  • Recently he has been recognized by the European Union, the United Nations and The Federal Government of Nigeria for his commitment to the "I am Priceless" campaign.
  • A project which supports Nigeria´s policies and actions against Trafficking in persons & Smuggling of Migrants.
  • Ekene is currently in Europe working on intervention projects through his Poetry that adress sensitive issues that retrogress his beautiful and fascinating country.
  • Currenttly he is focusing on the most pressing issues such as the Light/Power generation issues and the kidnapping of innocent girls at Chibok North-East Nigeria.
  • He is currently editing loads of Poetry which are ready for publishing and marketing.

06.05.2014 | 20:48 | simon INOU

#bringbackourgirls – An appeal

You are right my brothers…
No man has the right to interfere in your religion and your freedom.
No man has the right to discriminate you, your family, your relatives & friends.
You are right to have rights to your universal rights.

I am not in your shoes my brothers.
I may never completely understand what you are going through.
I am sincerely sorry about this; but this I know…
something hurts you badly enough;
enough to show it in such terrible ways…

I do not know how many grieviences you charge against.
Maybe one day… some day… we might all sit down and talk about it.

This ping pong of ritual violence is older than you and I.
It shall outlive us many times over…
It lies simmering at the very core of human existence and development…

Everyone thinks they are right… and maybe they are.
But wait… my great brothers and sisters.
Take time out to stand out of it all for a minute only…
how long shall this go on?

Mankind should be developing and not retrogressing…
War and her machines desecrate the holiness of the earth;
every human and their beliefs have a right to a part of this little old planet.

An eye for a girl´s eye or a boy´s eye
and we shall end up with blind children in the future.

I have tried to imagine what you think about in your most private times;
but I assure you…
The ones you see as world leaders are not the real powers…
and I guess you know this fact as well…
I am sure you also know the ones now held responsible
are not the ones responsible.

Look then; upon those innocent girls as ones born of your powerful loins,
see them for a second as your own daughters, or sisters, or nieces,
see them as your own grand children and daughters-in-law.
See them as leaders of tomorrow….

Maybe… just maybe, you might consider my little appeal.
I am just a concerned Nigerian.

I call now to you from the heart and core of the earth.
From the collective soul of humanity.
I reach out to you from the heart beat of Africa and Nigeria.

In the name of everything you hold sacred.
I know you can hear me. I know you are out there great warriors.

For the sake of world peace and for the sake of our own mothers and fathers,
and sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and friends.

Let peace reign on earth.
We are one humanity…
and for that I appeal.


They have a right… like you… to freedom and safety.

Bring back our girls.

© Ekene Atusiubah

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